Friday, May 27, 2011

A mortal danger overtaking humanity

"There is a mortal danger - there is a danger which is overtaking humanity. And we will not solve it unless we all pull together, unless we all agree to do something. Now that is a fantastically difficult thing to achieve. It has never happened in the history of humanity that all humanity has agreed."

- David Attenborough, Beyond the Brink, final quote.

What is he talking about? David Attenborough regularly polls as the most trusted public figure in the UK (along with the Queen). Do you think he is overstating things here?


byron smith said...

SMH Off the planet:
"Staggering. The great David Attenborough has just finished a nine-show tour of Australia talking of his life and times. In the course of it, he talked of his previous early scepticism on climate change, his now certainty, and his admiration for the steps taken by the Gillard government to bring in the carbon tax. Not only that, but, when Attenborough was asked if he would agree to meet the PM, have his photo taken with her and publicly endorse her policy, he said he would. A call was put into the PM's office. The call was not returned. Who is running her media division? And does this person have the first "clue'' what they're doing?"