Sunday, May 29, 2011

When the water ends: Africa's climate conflicts

Here is short (16 min) video from Yale Environment 360 highlighting the ways that climate change and water stress are already leading to increased conflict in parts of Africa. Similar stories can be told for parts of South America. These may not yet be climate wars, but they are climate skirmishes, a picture of what is to come.

Unfortunately, it does not seem possible to embed this video.


Anonymous said...

This Open Source Hardware website has a bunch of free plans for build-it-yourself permaculture and village technologies like the Open Source tractor, etc. Build it yourself for 1/8th the cost — and then the farmer (or local garage / village workshop) can service that item forever, without the interference and expense of multinationals and their supply lines.

It's about resource and technology security!

Anyway, you know all this from my raving on Facebook lately. What I wanted to share was that if any Aid Workers visit this link and are having trouble with water supply to their area, here is a link with all the Open Hardware water suggestions, both to solutions offered from their own website and like-minded organizations across the web.

byron smith said...

Thanks Dave.

For those interested, there is a video explaining the concept further here.

byron smith said...

DD: By 2025, to feed growing population, the world will need the flow of an extra twenty Nile rivers.