Friday, January 27, 2012

What do you really want?

Very effective visuals on this short clip contrasting consumerism with our true wants. I'm not sure I buy the tagline (you'll have to wait for the end), but I like the overall effect.


Anonymous said...

ALWAYS remember that your inherent heart-disposition wants and needs Infinite, Absolute, True, Eternal Happiness.

Human beings inherently desire a truly human and natural environment in which they can live without the chronic production of stress chemistry. Human beings want to be cured at the heart of their mind and thereby transformed even bodily. And they know - deeply, psychically - that that cannot Realize that transformation until they can create a culture in which people can live without degenerative stress. Thus sanctuary, or Spiritual community, is the motive in humankind that contains the genetic secret of the next stage in human evolution.

Human beings need to be centered in the sacred domain - the place of human intimacy, of true culture, of intimate cooperative community, the sphere of the primary culture of the arts and the intimate exercise of life.

The sacred domain is about the expression of ecstasy in ALL of its forms. Everything about the religious life, including mediation, worship, prayer and so on, is in the sacred domain. The sacred domain is even the primary place of food taking and sharing. The sacred domain is the place of emotional-sexual intimacy and human intimacy altogether. It is the place where the truly human, and humanizing, culture of ecstasy is truly practiced, in the truest sense, assisted by cooperative association between people.