Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Killed for crossing a corporation?

Environmental activists in the developed world risk being added to no-fly lists or infiltrated by undercover police who break rules prohibiting sexual relations with those they are monitoring, illegally act as agents provocateurs and even lie under oath.

Environmental activists in the developing world risk assassination. According to a recent report from Global Witness, over the last decade there have been 711 recorded cases of activists being murdered, and that is likely to be the tip of the iceberg, given the poor level of reporting for most of the world. In Brazil alone, where stronger monitoring institutions exist, 365 deaths were recorded, yet less than 10% of case were brought to trial and barely 1% resulted in a conviction.

Journalists who report on such matters become targets of harassment and violence.

Anyone who has studied Christian history or the experience of the global church just in the last 100 years knows that being killed for standing up for justice and the truth is hardly unusual.

Keeping people in the dark is profitable.


Mike W said...

Just had the head of CMS speak at church about 4 million dying in Congo, as essentially a war of western mining and oil interests, which no-one in the west cared about.
"It was Africa's first world war" and we were funding it.

byron smith said...

Wow. Is it online?

Anonymous said...

Of course the original killing the "heretic" outfit in Western his-story was/is the "catholic" Inquisition - which is still "alive" and very active under the direction of Ratzinger.

And all the lesser Protestant "heresy" hunting versions of the same - Calvin's fascist mini-state comes to mind.

But then again killing the "heretic" has always very much part and parcel of applied Christian politics since the "official" version of Christian-ism was defined by the power-and-control-seeking "fathers" 16-17 hundred years ago.

byron smith said...

Guardian: Green activists face grave threat as death toll doubles in a decade.