Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas?

If you're tired of hearing "Merry Christmas" morning, noon and night, if such wishes seem like cruel mockery rather than genuine possibility, Meredith posts some insightful thoughts on why we can rejoice in hope at Christmas, even amidst pain. Thanks Meredith, and a truly joyous feast of the incarnation to one and all: God is with us.

UPDATE: Check out this Christmas sermon from Kim Fabricius.


Christopher said...

I was recently in Saigon, and the whole city was decorated like a cheesy Western shopping catalogue, and the locals were extremely excited about their trees, decorations and Santa suits. They had all the trimmings and frills of Christmas without the substance, and while I usually get all bah-humbug and poo-poo these things in my own country. I wonder if their is hope of redeeming their "secular" Christmas and inject some meaning into it?
Or is it like trying to attached roots to a cut flower?

byron smith said...

No, meaning can be effectively grafted - I don't think it's futile.