Saturday, December 02, 2006

Weekend links

• I've already mentioned Rev Sam on peak oil pledges. Go and have a look.
• Ben has been thinking about how to settle theological debates.
• Meredith has started a series of "ten things I think about the environment": Intro; I; II; III. As a bonus, there are lots of great pics by Meredith too.
• Kyle has declared War on Christmas.
• David is worried about Surnames and sexism. I suggest what I humbly believe to be the perfect solution (see discussion in comments).

The rest of the virtual world
Bono + sacramental theology = U2charist? H/T Aaron.
• If you're feeling a little down - make sure you scroll down to 'Mediocrity' and 'Quality'. H/T Paget.
• And check out these for corny but fun political activism: The Meatrix; The Meatrix II; The Meatrix II 1/2.


Anonymous said...

Hi Byron:
Thanks for the link. How do you think a U2charist would be received in an Anglican Church in Australia?

BTW...congrats on finishing at Moore!

byron smith said...

Thanks and no problem.

Might depend on which Diocese: Sydney might simply be thankful that it wasn't a eucharist! :-)