Monday, January 29, 2007

Top 15 theological works of the last 25 years

For those interested in serious theology, Patrik has posted the results of a meme and poll of the theo-blogosphere through which he sought the most important theological works to be published in the last 25 years.


Drew said...

I wonder if, in 150 years, a poll was taken of the most important theological works of 1981-2006, it would look anything like that - indeed, if any of them would be remembered, or the period would be considered a drought?

Do people create canons, or do they form in some passive kind of way?

byron smith said...

Good questions. Canons are created by people, though a combination of explicit intentional efforts like Patrik's (and various publishers and editors) and more accidental ad hoc things like sales figures and a vague thing called 'influence'.

What do you (and others) think about the 150 years from now question?