Monday, January 29, 2007

Barneys rebuilding plans

Last May, my old church building, St Barnabas', Broadway burned down. Here's the latest update from today's SMH on rebuilding plans.
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Anonymous said...

Exciting times for Barneys.

Nice touch keeping the bell tower and all, I just can't picture a modern 3 story building with a bell tower stuck somewhere on it.

Have you seen any plans?

byron smith said...

No - no specific plans yet, though 3rd and 4th yr Sydney Uni architecture students were given the redevelopment as a project (Ian got to talk to them about what the building would be used for and what our community is like and what we believe and how that might affect the space) and I saw some of their models. None of them incorporated the bell-tower - I hadn't heard that was to be part of the design, just that it was to look like a church (i.e. be recognisably different from the buildings about it).

Anonymous said...

From the SMH story:

'The bell tower, salvaged from the fire, will be incorporated into the new design. Architects will be commissioned to draw up plans by the end of March, and the parish council wants to start building before the end of this year.'