Saturday, May 20, 2006

Barneys: A visual tribute?

After the demise of Barneys, I do still intend on blogging something a little more substantial about place and eschatology (see also here and here) once this Moltmann essay is finished. But here is a picture from JKS to whet your appetite, or get you riled up, or amused, or confused.
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Eight points for linking to another work by the same artist on this blog.


Anonymous said...

I'm not happy with this picture. It could be understood as saying Barneys burnt and died, crashing to the ground (our current experience), and will be etherally raised... anyway, it feels wrong... In what sense will a building ever be raised? and if there is some sense in which it will (which is still very much up for grabs), it won't be a floaty church that is raised...JKS better try again! Any help on what we may know of a building in the new creation would be appreciated.

byron smith said...

I love how the old Barneys was sitting on the edge of a cliff: the vulnerability of materiality to disordering. However, unlike certain rectors, I do not think that the solution is to transcend to the invulnerability of immateriality through recourse purely to how God has not changed as a result.
I was chatting with a Barneys Sunday School teacher this morning about how to talk to young kids about the building burning down and he suggested that perhaps it might be worth raising for them a question which may be explicitly or implicitly in their minds: did God get burnt too? And the answer is, of course - yes!

Anthony Douglas said...

Continuing my double-or-nothing strategy, it's here.

byron smith said...

Yes, I guess that was double or nothing when I put them both up around the same time. Eight points.