Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The problem of theology

'It is simple, but true, to say that theology has only one, single problem: God. We are theologians for the sake of God; if we are not, then we ought not to call ourselves theologians at all. God is our dignity. God is our agony. God is our hope.'

Jürgen Moltmann, 'Theology in the Project of the Modern World' in A Passion for God's Reign, p. 1.


Anonymous said...

This is lovely! I read the first line and wondered what the single problem was... death, sin, (my Buddhism class today, said the problem for them was "suffering" = the unsatisfactoriness of life). But God... our problem, our hope, our joy, our satisfaction.

byron smith said...

Ah, but God is a problem for us: will his transcendence render irrelevant our finitude? Will his holiness undo us in our sin? - Lovely? When the women left the empty tomb they were filled with joy and fear.