Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Two kinds of evangelical

Rev Sam over at elizaphanian has an interesting post on his observations (as an Anglo-Catholic Anglican) of there being two kinds of evangelicalism. An intelligent outsider with a sharp eye: worth a look. While we're at it, he also has some good thoughts about how The Da Vinci Code challenges a widespread uncritical christological docetism.


Drew said...

That's a thought provoking article on two kinds of evangelicalism...

Will you share your thoughts on it at some stage?

michael jensen said...

I read this article on the fulcrum website which categorised evangelicals into

canal (ie Reformed, conseverative)
river (open evangelical)
rapids (charismatic)

Needless to say, it was written by a 'river' evangelical! Who wants to be a canal?

byron smith said...

But canals are so ordered and productive and efficient and predictable!

Drew: sure, at some stage...
(basically, I agree, perhaps with a few modifications)