Tuesday, October 02, 2007

October Points Table

September was a quiet month for points, perhaps because I introduced a new system (unannounced) of only offering points a few days after each relevant post was put up. I did this on the suggestion of a friend in order to avoid having the substantive discussion swamped by guesses. I will continue this system for the time being. In any case, Moffitt the prophet scores ten bonus points and Matt Lemieux gets five for being second. I keep a list of all available points on offer, which is usually up to date. At this point, there are over 450 points available.

October points table

32: Jonathan
23: Moffitt the prophet
12: Martin Kemp
5: Anthony
Twelve points for correctly naming this Sydney bridge.


Martin Kemp said...

Iron Cove Bridge. It's funny, but I've jogged along that path many times before, but I've never looked left. Thanks.

byron smith said...

Well done. Twelve points and you've opened the scoring for the month.

Matthew Moffitt said...

Cna I suggest that Jonathon will win the October points competition? And if he indeed does so, will I receive some points for it?

Matthew Moffitt said...


byron smith said...

You can suggest away, but I didn't offer points this time. This competition in previous months didn't have the interest I thought it might and no one really did much guessing (except for themselves) until someone remembered a day or two before closing to guess for whoever had the lead (as you have just done). Good memory, but it's not much fun, is it?