Saturday, May 31, 2008

Has your understanding of the gospel changed?

Do you think you understand more about the good news (= "gospel") at the heart of Christianity than you did five years ago? Is this message shaping more of your life?

Chris Tilling writes about his own previous understanding and some of the questions that have moved him forward (sideways?) since then. They are worth pondering.


Chris Tilling said...

I'd be really interested to hear your own thoughts on this.

byron smith said...

I think I've had a similar experience to you in many ways (perhaps without the same original charismatic flavour - or not the same extent). I found your numbered points (1-6) very familiar from my formative years. And then each of your questions is something that I've thought about and has (generally) led to a change of mind, or at least of emphasis. I know we've had at least some influences in common. Perhaps I'll post a little more on this at some stage. Thanks again!