Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Take a break

Due to gremlins in the aether, my ability to connect to the net will be quite limited for the next little while. Sorry for not replying to comments, answering emails, or posting anything new (I'm writing this on someone else's computer). While you're waiting, make yourself at home, have a look around, feel free to grab something from the fridge. I'll be back soon.

UPDATE #1: The gremlins have been defeated earlier than I thought.

UPDATE #2: Update #1 was a little premature. Hopefully, they are gone now and I will post more soon (though first I have a sermon to finish).


Benjamin Ady said...

re: update--Hooray! =)

Mark Stevens said...

Ahh! The old late Saturday night sermon prep! Much prefer the Sunday morning 5am prep myself. Glad to hear the Gremlins have been defeated!