Monday, June 02, 2008

June points table

Well, I've now had twelve monthly points tables and we're back to June again. May's table was quiet, but then so was the month as a whole. Ten bonus points to One of Freedom, five to Jonathan, and three each to Doug Forbes and Sair. There are 547 points currently on offer.

June points table

15: Peter J
12: Anthony
10: Jonathan

Ten points for guessing the blogger who appears in this image.


Jonathan said...

It looks like it could be this bloke, who I looked at just because he mentioned you showing him round Sydney in a comment on the previous post.

byron smith said...

Yep, he did give it away with some recent comments. Well done. Have ten points and you're off the mark for the month.

Mark Stevens said...

Can I just say Jonathan, "this bloke" has a name and it is Mark ;-)! My disguise has been foiled!