Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Word became flesh: looking again at Jesus I

A sermon from John 1.1-14: Part I

How do you like to think of Jesus? Maybe you’re not quite so crass as the guys in this clip. Your preferred picture has a bit more class, a bit more nuance. You like to think of Jesus as a left-leaning activist who stood up for the poor, but still liked his wine. A reformer who exposed the religious hypocrisy of the establishment, while including the marginalised. He certainly would have read the Herald, not the Tele. Perhaps our Jesus is a bit less Midwest and a bit more Inner West.

But how can we see a Jesus who not simply a composite of our desires or fears? A good place to start is to pray.

Save us from Jesus. Save us from the Jesus we imagine. Rescue us from the Jesus we want or fear. May your Son hurtle into our lives and explode all the imposters. For his sake and ours, Amen.

There are plenty of new posts coming, but I thought I'd also include this sermon from earlier in the year. Not sure how many more sermons I'll be writing in Edinburgh.
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