Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Down's is up

I thought this was an interesting trend.


Anthony Douglas said...

Definitely - but it's the wrong survey group.

The aging of motherhood means the incidence of Down's has gone up, I expect, and it would have been nice to know how many recipients of positive test results they couldn't interview, because they'd aborted.

How much could anybody 'act' on test results when they first came in? I don't know much about the history of abortion in the UK (not just law, but rates)

Anonymous said...

Wow. So, Down Syndrome Kids can be actors. That's really cool. Guess we'll keep em.

Pardon the sarcasm.

byron smith said...

Yes, like Anthony, I was suspicious of the methodology, since there is no mention in the article of what percentage of foetuses diagnosed with Down's syndrome are aborted and whether that has changed. An absolute rise in the number of pregnancies carried to term with Down's syndrome may not prove anything. Then again, I am also generally sceptical of most journalists' ability to read statistical studies.