Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby Jesus had a beard

A while ago, I posted the classic "Baby Jesus prayer" clip from Talladega Nights. Greg Clarke (director of the Centre for Public Christianity) has now used it as the basis of an opinion piece published on the ABC website. Go and have a look. His article is an invitation to go and have a look at the Jesus of history, of ethics, of politics, of theology, not just of popular culture.

And if you'd like a glimpse into many of the popular (mis)conceptions of Christianity, read a few of the comments. Dan Brown has a lot to answer for.


Daily said...

Thanks for the link to this. The article was interesting but the comments were the highlight for me. I particularly liked the following one (which I posted on my own blog):

“Please put an end to all this religious claptrap. This really is not a good time for it. It's Christmas for gods' sake!”