Saturday, January 15, 2011

How Genghis Khan cooled the planet

Frank ponders how to give an eco-friendly gift, and ends up discussing the difference between hope and stress.

Ben Myers has stopped blogging about faith and theology and has become a short story writer (briefly). And he is frustrating brilliant at that too! It was bugging me that most of his stories seem to be set in the US. I was about to comment on that trend when I came across this one and I felt right at home.

Amidst all the climate records set in 2010, a new melt record for the Greenland ice sheet was set in 2010.

And Mongabay tells of How Genghis Khan and Hernán Cortés cooled the planet (perhaps Christopher Columbus should get the credit). I'm not advocating that we try that particular strategy of geoengineering.


Ben Myers said...

Thanks! Glad you've been enjoying the stories.

byron smith said...

Humans have been affecting the climate for thousands of years, though never so much as today. It is possible that the little ice age was the result of falling CO2 levels due to forest re-growth in the Americas after the decimation of the indigenous population by diseases introduced by early European explorers, settlers and conquistadors. A long bow? Maybe. But an intriguing prospect.

byron smith said...

CEJournal: Graphics tell the story of record melting in Greenland.