Thursday, January 13, 2011

On the blame game

Brad also has an insightful reflection on the fallout from the recent tragic shooting in Arizona.

Christian tradition has never been content to leave the blame for sin at the feet of the sinner alone. Sin is not simply something that each of us as individuals choose for ourselves; it is a disease we inherit, a poisoned air we all breathe both in and out. While the shooter is not excused or exonerated by such considerations, ruling out any reflection upon the context within which this assault occurred is short-sighted.


byron smith said...

NYT: Aurora's aftermath. The injured and their compensation/support lasts well beyond the headlines of casualty numbers.

byron smith said...

Lethal Logic - myth-busting facts about US gun control.

byron smith said...

TruthOut: 2nd amendment was ratified to preserve slavery.

Fascinating. I'd love to hear an opinion from a qualified historian on this piece.