Monday, January 17, 2011

McCormack lectures on the death of Christ

As I mentioned back here, Princeton theologian Bruce McCormack is currently at New College giving a series of lectures titled, "Abandoned by God: The Death of Christ in Systematic, Historical, and Exegetical Perspective". Brad Littlejohn has started a detailed and excellent summary of the lectures on his blog. I hope he continues.


Brad Littlejohn said...

Heh, well I guess I have to now.

No, seriously, I am planning to post a summary of all six as they come along, though I'll probably be running a couple days behind. Thanks for the link.

byron smith said...

Excellent - I was hoping that you would and thought a little prod might help. :-)

Thanks for your work. Such a record is valuable for the many who can't be here and as an aid to memory for those of us who are. See you tomorrow.