Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In lieu of a comments policy

One of the many updates that is well overdue on this site is an explicit comments policy. One day, I will get to it, along with fixing all the problems in the sidebar, adding tabs for easier navigation and perhaps revising the general appearance.

Until then, I thought I would make clear that any comments whose primary purpose is advertising a commercial product will be deleted without notice. More of these have been appearing recently and while I suspect that most of them come from search engines (and so won't read this post), at least this can be considered some kind of warning.

This blog is not available for commercial advertising. I do not and will not use Google AdSense. I have turned down a few dozen offers of free products or financial benefits from people or companies wanting to use this platform to promote their wares.

I believe in our shared ability and responsibility to shape one another's desires and refuse to become a mercenary in this regard. If I want to persuade others to desire something, it will be because I believe it is a worthy object of desire, not because I'm being paid to do so.


Guy Davies said...

I got so fed up with ad links masquerading as comments that I now moderate comments prior to publication so I can weed them out.

My blog also carries no ads. I once turned down an offer from someone who wished to buy my blog. I don't suppose I would have got a lot for it, but it aint for sale.

byron smith said...

A science website decides to shut off comments, after research shows that nasty and polarised comments decreases people's understanding of the content of the article.