Friday, April 08, 2011

Shadows of the Divine: an exhibition

An exhibition at New College
To mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, this upcoming exhibition features works from the internationally renowned Methodist Church Art Collection - including pieces by Sutherland, Frink, Roualt, Eric Gill and Craigie Aitchison - alongside recent works by leading Scottish and Scottish-based artists and a rare first edition Scottish 1611 King James Bible. The Methodist Church Art Collection is the most significant denominational collection of art outside of the Vatican and of course the King James Version the most influential English translation of the holy scriptures in history.

The free exhibition will be hosted at New College in Edinburgh from 14th May to 11th June, Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm.
Crucified Tree Form by Theyre Lee-Elliott, 1959.


Anonymous said...

What a dreadful image!

Would you hang it in your bedroom, above your dining room table, or in your children's bedroom?

Not even a hint of The Beautiful Itself.

Please read this essay on Reality, Truth & The Beautiful

byron smith said...

Yep, I'd hang it in my house for sure.

milly said...

it's gorgeous, of course I'd hang it in my home..