Thursday, March 20, 2008

Observation test: are you paying attention?

OK, one final video.

Comments may contain spoilers.


Aric Clark said...

Okay. I can't find any moonwalking bear anywhere in there.

byron smith said...

Seriously? Or are you just criticising the quality of his moves (or costume)?

Watch it again. And keep your eye off the balls.

Aric Clark said...

I watched that thing like 15 times trying to find the bear and didn't see it until just now. On my screen it just looked like another one of the "black team" it was really hard to tell it was a bear.

very cute ad.

Unknown said...

I was very pleased with myself for counting the 13 passes. But I missed the bear until the 2nd look

Very funny

byron smith said...

Yes, it has that moment of 'shock', in which we realise things are not what they seem.