Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Nativities: a poem


Godlings are born racily.

They are excavated
Into life by the strong licks
Of the world-cow, suckled
By goats, mares, wolves

Blossom of oak, blossom of broom,
Blossom of meadowsweet
Go to their making.

They erupt through the paternal
Skull fully armed, hatch from an egg,
Or appear, foam-born,
In Cyprus, in a shell,
Wearing a great deal of hair
And nothing else.

This one arrived
At the time of the early lambs
By means of the usual channels.

- U. A. Fanthorpe, 1987

Ten points to the first to provide a link to the post on this blog containing the full image of which this is a detail.


Matthew Moffitt said...

A ha, back to here

h. goldsmith said... gotta love the technicolor wings on gabriel.

h. goldsmith said...

oh, right, tags. alas, too late anyway.

byron smith said...

Wow - you both posted your answers in the same minute, so I'll give ten to Moffitt and nine to H. Goldsmith (the blogger formerly known as David).

byron smith said...

Of course, there are still points back there for someone willing to read the comments.

byron smith said...

And Moffitt - you've now comfortably passed 200, pulling ahead of the other contenders for 2nd place.