Thursday, March 20, 2008

A little too clever?

I am all for the occasional enigmatic church sign to get people thinking, but sometimes I wonder whether they can be a little too clever.

Seen recently around the traps:
"Why on earth is it called Good Friday? Why in hell is it called Bad Friday?"

Our own sign has been fairly straightforward this week: "Easter - a fresh start to life" (other ideas included "Easter: another world is possible", "Easter: God has heard your cries", "Easter: your new life starts this weekend"). Tomorrow, we'll switch to "God is dead" and on Sunday, "He is risen".

Up to twenty points for good new sign ideas.


Meredith said...

Nice ideas Byron - i like 'Easter:another world is possible' best. And the God is dead one for tomorrow is really pointy - I wonder how people will react?

byron smith said...

Just quietly, that was also my frontrunner, but I was overruled by a higher power.

::aaron g:: said...

The dead/alive contrast should be interesting.

Stuart Heath said...

In shades of Barney's, I walked past a big Catholic church this morning where they had erected a huge. professionally-designed sign which read, "We're open on Sunday…and have been since Jesus rose."

The café across the street had done a smaller, hand-drawn sign in the same style which said, "Us too."

At least they'd noticed!

James Tuttle said...

Dang that was my idea! Pitty I never executed it.

Anonymous said...