Friday, October 31, 2008

YOU: An Introduction

The inestimable Michael Jensen, a.k.a. the blogging parson, has just had his first book published. I mentioned that he was working on it back here and here. It's called YOU: An introduction and can be ordered here (or here if you are in the US) for the bargain price of AUS$16.95. You can even download the cover, contents, introduction and first chapter here.

The book was originally posted (in small sections) on a blog (now closed, I guess the publishers want people to buy the book!), and the comments made on the posts (and Michael's replies) have been included in the book, sometimes taking the discussion in unexpected directions. Since I made one or two of the comments, if you buy it, you are also getting my first published book (well, I can pretend)!

Oh, you want to know what it's about? Details, details. Besides, I would have thought the title sufficient. If not, here is the blurb from the publisher's website:

Who are You really? What are You supposed to be like? What—or whose—purpose do You serve? It's never been more complicated—or more confusing—to be a human, and it's never been harder to answer the question of who You are. But in You: An introduction, Michael Jensen sets about doing just that. In his exploration of some of the different facets of the human condition (You are alive; You are free; You are a child), we soon discover that the question of who we are is essentially bound up with the question of who Jesus is ...
Great to read and even better to give away!


the don said...

if you can get me a copy, i'll review it on my blog ;)

michael jensen said...

Byron, have you got an address I can send your copy too? Can you email it to me at my Moore address?

(Byron made more than 'one or two' comments I have to say!)

Anonymous said...

I downloaded and read what was available. Good read. Simple yet provoking. It made me want to read more. By the way. I believe the download includes not only the first chapter (as this post indicates) but also the second.

Anonymous said...

now Byron- when do we get to see the book "Nothing New Under the Sun"...?

Rachel in Timor Leste.