Friday, October 10, 2008

The Word became flesh: looking again at Jesus X

A sermon from John 1.1-14: Part IX
Conclusion: GLORY
What do you see when you look at Jesus? You can hold the book just so, squint your eyes, look into the middle distance, clear your mind and stand on one foot and still all you see is some guy, a teacher from Nazareth, a Jewish peasant, an inspirational healer.

John invites us to take another look.

The Word became flesh … and we have seen his glory, … full of grace and truth. John says, “keep looking!” Suddenly, our eyes might focus and an image leap out from the page: the Word of God made flesh, the light shining in darkness, the glory of the only Son, full of grace and truth, right there in 3DM. Do you see it?

Will we learn from John how to look at Jesus in such a way that we too can say: "we have seen his glory"? If we have the courage to open our eyes – watch out! – the glare may be dazzling.

Open our eyes. Lighten our darkness. Break our silence with your word.
Open our eyes, we want to see. We want to see Jesus,
         and be filled with his grace and truth. Amen.
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