Friday, October 17, 2008

Debate aftermath

I mentioned the other day that my friend Mike Paget was going to be debating an atheist on the topic "Which makes more sense: Atheism or Christianity?". Since one always comes up with the best replies about 20 minutes too late, Mike is putting some post-debate thoughts on his blog: "Oh, and another thing...". I bet McCain wishes he could do the same.

Since tomorrow is my birthday (divisible by both 5 and 3), I am about to pick up a hire car for a weekend away with Jess at a mystery destination (if I tell you, then future points might be too easy). Cue birthday wishes (I felt that those without Facebook might like some gratuitous help). See you next week.
Speaking of points, I'll give fifteen to the first to correctly guess the location this Sydney shot was taken from (on my birthday last year).


Unknown said...

Is it UTS? Happy Birthday!

Stuart Heath said...

Happy birthday, Byron. Not exactly my 'hood, but I did spend some time in the UTS tower and I don't remember being able to get that view. of course, my memory on such things is far from reliable, even when it's more recent than 2001 :/

Is it from the Mercure?

Anthony Douglas said...

Curse that MA essay I was writing!

I vote for the Mercure too. Rather easy to answer now that Google has Street View.

Matthew Moffitt said...

Happy birthday.

Given that the shot is between Broadway and Regent Street, is over Railway square, and has an excellent vista of central, Roden Cutler tower, Christ Church St Laurence, and a fine view down Goerge and Pitt streets, I also agree that it is from the Mecure.

Mike W said...

Happy Birthday bro

I concur with Stuart, anthony and moffit

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday... I enjoy your blog.
Are you at the VIBE hotel in Goulburn Street?

byron smith said...

Stuart - fifteen points.

I'll also give three to Anthony and Mike for jumping on the bandwagon before I replied. And ten to Moffitt for his very thorough response.